An important statement on behalf of the Thunder Pride Board of Directors:

We, the board of Thunder Pride Association, stand in solidarity to express zero tolerance for systemic racism, complacency, and silence. In light of the anti-black racism and inappropriate sexual language by a member of Thunder Pride, we strongly condemn these actions.

Systemic racism is a dehumanizing act that violates basic human rights and perpetuates violence. Thunder Pride has always advocated for the rights of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and stands for equality and empowerment of every individual of this community. Therefore, we stand with all voices and bodies that look upon us for advocacy and those that cannot yet stand for themselves. We stand especially for Black Lives Matter; no one should have to endure discrimination. As advocates we need to be diligent and alert.

Our youth are vulnerable and at an age where they experience heightened identity crisis, dependency, and isolation. Therefore, we need to protect our youth from any kind of abuse and mistreatment. We stand for our youth and state vehemently that we will not tolerate any lapses in conduct when it comes to protecting and upholding the dignity of our youth.

We take this incident as a call to action for our organization and our partners to look into ourselves for traces of silent and invisible racism or lapses in conduct. We also commit to investigate consciously into the roots of systemic racism and take strategic steps to resolve them, so these incidents never occur in the future. Our immediate steps include suspending the membership of this Thunder Pride member indefinitely or until the board sees fit. In addition, we have suspended two directors until we find resolution to this issue.

Going forward, the Board will begin conversations with the community on how we could set up leadership councils, develop concrete measures to provide safer spaces, encourage honest conversations in the community to ensure a strong code of conduct is upheld throughout our advocacy. We commit to fight for a world where every individual, irrespective of race, colour, gender, class, age, religion, and orientation can live a life of dignity and equality.

If anyone has concerns, complaints or would like to participate in the establishment of councils, please email us at or reach out to any board member. Our board and volunteers will continually learn along with our communities to better ourselves and ensure we create meaningful and respectful communities we all deserve to live in.

Thunder Pride Association Board of Directors

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