10 Year Logo Contest Winner!

First we’d like to thank everyone who submitted work to our 10 year logo contest. It was a very, very tough decision to make but after a long discussion among our board we have a winner…

Congratulations to Keeley Banning!!

Design explanation: – “The theme for my design is inclusivity and celebration of our region. There are two colour bars in the design that shows support with the inclusion of the modern LGBTQ2IA+ flag with black and brown to show our support to POC members of the community as well as a colour bar representing the transgendered flag. I feel that it is very important that everyone in the LGBTQ2IA+ community should be represented and included making this an inclusive design. As far as the illustration itself, I was inspired by the City of Thunder Bay flag itself and sought to make a subtle reference to it in how the Sleeping Giant and the number 10 is placed. Listed towards the bottom of the graphic are the years Thunder Pride has been active. Everything has been combined in a modern aesthetic and can be scaled accordingly to any size while maintaining legibility. I believe this is a strong design that not only celebrates Thunder Pride itself and its years active but also celebrates our region and all members of the LGBTQ2IA+ community.”

Great Job, Keeley!

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