Still Here, Queer and Proud…a message From The Thunder Pride Board!

A message from the board of directors of Thunder Pride Association: First we would like to say we hope all is well and that everyone in the community is staying safe during COVID-19 crisis. We understand how our organization can be a lighthouse of hope for some and with so many things up in the air right now we wanted to address some concerns about the future of Pride that have come up in the last couple weeks. Currently we are still meeting at regular times through video conferencing to discuss how we will navigate through this pandemic as we don’t feel it safe to be meeting all together in one room. With this in mind, as well as new regulations set by the Canadian government, we are looking at postponing our regular Pride events. We have not fully pumped the breaks just yet but have been discussing alternative ways and ideas to bring Pride to the community during these uncertain times. Just know that we are listening and waiting for the moment we can bring Pride events back to Thunder Bay, but remember to always have Pride in yourself. Times are tough right now but if there’s a community that is resilient and able to overcome adversity, it’s our community. With “social distancing” very easily comes “social isolation” and with the lack of programs or events this year in most of our communities, being connected may be more important than ever. We want you to know that we are still here for you. The safety of our community has always and will always be #1 priority, so we are asking everyone; Please stay home whenever possible, practice physical distancing and wash your hands. Keep an eye on online for any updates. Our social media platforms (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) and website ( ) are still active and we will be posting updates to keep the community informed. Stay strong and be safe

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